Stephens County Courthouse front

Stephens County Commissioners conducted a quick, routine meeting at 9:30 a.m. Monday, during which board members approved receipt of an audit, talked about a project out in the Bray area and turned their focus to the upcoming fair.

After routine paying of the bills, commissioners looked over an audit from Furrh & Associates. The audit report was for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2018, for the Stephens County Governmental Building Authority.

In a report from the independent accountant conducting the audit, it is said there were no findings of wrong doing.

Commissioners also approved an interlocal agreement between Stephens County District 1 and the Town of Bray. Through the agreement, the county will provide the labor and equipment to properly mark detour routes and provide signage for projects on annexed roads around Bray while Bray will pay for the cost of the oil and rock.

At the end of the meeting, Commissioner Russell Morgan turned attention toward all the work at the Fairgrounds and Expo Center in preparation for the annual Stephens County Free Fair.

This year’s Free Fair is scheduled to kick off Wednesday, Aug. 21 and last through Aug. 24. The event will include livestock shows, trade shows and a carnival, among many other events.

Morgan said the Fairgrounds have remained busy as workers prepare for the upcoming festivities.

“This is a big week getting ready for the fair,” Morgan said, reminding about the fair workers appreciation dinner taking place later Monday evening.

Morgan said while doing some work on a fence, they found a water line belonging to City of Duncan that was leaking. Morgan said the city will have to finish their work and a little bit of the county’s work in the area and it may have to be re-finished because of the leak.

Morgan also said the fairgrounds only lacks one more air conditioner before that project is completed. He also said crews were coming out soon to do work on the floors. He also said, in regards to ceiling tiles, they had about 50 already on hand for replacement of old ones, but needed about 100 more and they’re on back order. He hoped to have them in later in the week.

In other commissioner news, the board approved:

• An ODOT pay claim for district 1 for professional services rendered through July 21 for a right of way acquisition project of 41 easements and nine temporary easements.

• Rental of the Fairgrounds Heritage and Harvest Rooms for the Farm Bureau Dinner on Sept. 26.

• Rental of the Fairgrounds Territory Hall and Harvest Room for a Friends of the NRA event on Sept. 28.