A Comanche man now faces five different charges after allegedly burglarizing somebody and getting caught driving a motorcycle without a valid license.

According to On Demand Court Records, Donnie Ray Hancock, of Comanche, faces charges of possession of a firearm after a former felony conviction, burglary in the second degree after a former felony conviction, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia and driving with a license suspended.

Affidavits obtained from the Stephens County Courthouse show around 7:31 p.m. April 5, a woman called to report items stolen from her home located on Oak Grove Road. Stephens County Sheriffs Deputies met with the woman, who advised she went to feed her horses the night before and when she returned to her home, she noticed the screen door on the trailer was open and there was clothing in the driveway. When the woman entered the home, she found it ransacked and noted several items were missing, according to the report.

Of the items missing, one was a handgun in its factory case and the other was a pearl necklace in a small blue box. One neighbor, when asked, advised they witnessed Donnie Hancock driving up the driveway toward the house around 2:30 a.m.

According to the report, the woman said she would pay $1,000 for her neighbors to find her items and the person that stole them, so they arranged to meet with Hancock, who was allegedly selling the stolen items.

Originally, the victim was supposed to meet with Hancock near Old Highway 81, but they instead met on Dr. Pepper Road. Deputies were dispatched on April 4 to Dr. Pepper Road and County Road 2790 for negligent discharge of a firearm. Reporting parties advised deputies several shots had been fired and one bullet had “whizzed” past the reporting party’s head.

Police clarified with the victim about the location and the victim advised deputies Hancock had arrived on a blue motorcycle in possession of a handgun and factory case which appeared to match the one stolen. The victim also advised seeing the pearl necklace in the blue case along with four boxes of shotgun shells reported as stolen. The victim stated she purchased the shotgun shells from Hancock for $16, but that Hancock was trying to sell her the gun for $500 when she only had $400 and needed to go to an ATM to get the rest of the money for the gun. Hancock allegedly called off the sale when the victim left, so she advised deputies and provided them with pictures of the transaction, Hancock’s blue motor cycle, the handgun and case and the pearl necklace and case.

Affidavits further show around 2:20 a.m. April 6, deputies were parked off of Old Highway 81 just north of Paul Road when they observed Hancock driving the blue motorcycle. Previously, deputies learned the license was suspended, so they initiated a traffic stop. Hancock, according to reports, did not stop, but instead continued driving until he reached his residence.

According to reports, Hancock was just getting off of the motorcycle as law enforcement rounded a small storage building. Hancock told police the brakes stopped working, avoided eye contact with law enforcement, and tried moving around the motorcycle as if he were looking for something. Law enforcement, at this time, asked for a license, and confirmed Hancock’s license was suspended when he supplied them with a card. Reports show Hancock moved to the right of the motorcycle and dropped a cloth on the ground beside the motorcycle.

Deputies asked Hancock to come with them to the patrol car, which he did. According to a report, they asked Hancock about the gun and pearl necklace, though Hancock said he didn’t know what they were talking about. Hancock, at this time, was placed under arrest for driving under suspension. Deputies returned to the bike and recovered the cloth, which contained a cigarette pack with a single syringe and two clear plastic bags. One of the bags, according to reports, contained a white powder residue. Hancock was read his rights at this time.

Hancock advised police the stolen items were located at a residence on Dr. Pepper Road and consent to search the property was provided.

During the home search, deputies found an opening to an attic in the hallway where they found the factory gun case for the gun which was stolen, but no gun was inside of the case. Hancock advised police the gun was under the refrigerator and it was located.

Hancock is arrested with bond set at $100,000. He will appear in court for a preliminary hearing at 9 a.m. May 29.