Chuck Ralls

Comanche City Manager Chuck Ralls

City of Comanche held their monthly council meeting Tuesday night and voted to extend City Manager Chuck Ralls contract for another year during their annual review of his work.

Ralls, who just completed his fourth year as Comanche City Manager, stated the council held their annual evaluation of his contract and he was proud to announce the council approved of his work.

“They reviewed the contract and told me I was doing a good job and kept me on for another year,” Ralls said. “I got a lot of goals and I gave them a five year plan whenever they hired me. I just completed my fourth year so some personal objectives and the things I want to accomplish, I have one more year to do that.”

Of those goals, Ralls said he feels that 90% of what he relayed to the council has been completed and he said that there has been some roadblocks along the way but is satisfied with what has been accomplished.

“We are still on track to meet all of my personal goals and we have had a lot of successes,” Ralls said. “We certainly got opposition from some of the community but the majority of the city thinks we are doing a good job as a city. We continue to try and improve infrastructure and I think people are starting to see the results of that.”

Ralls said he couldn’t do it without the great team that is in place and said everyone has put in a lot of hard work to make Comanche a place to be proud of.

In other agenda items for the February meeting, Ralls gave a letter of commendation from him and Police Chief Bill Straily for officer Cory Faulk on stopping a multi-county car chase on January 27.

The recognition was given during the council meeting and City Manager Ralls said he knows that Faulk went above and beyond to make sure the city was protected.

“In that pursuit, in my opinion, he went above and beyond because he was able to stop a pursuit before it made it into city limits,” Ralls said. “He was able to use restraint and he did not discharge his firearm even though he had just cause. He was able to keep his frame of mind and felt that enough force was being provided by the other departments. He was the one that provided the immediate medical response and first aid to the individual after they were hit and was able to do what he needed to keep him alive until paramedics arrived on the scene. We wanted to publicly recognize his efforts.”

Other agenda items approved were the consent agendas for the Public Works Authority and regular city business and they also approving some personnel recommendations to help city employees.

With no further business, the council adjourned and their next meeting will take place at 5:30 p.m. March 10 at Comanche City Hall.

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