New council member

City Clerk Cheryl Johnson administers the oath of office to new council member Zane Austin Myers, who took the Ward 4 position after being approved in the August City of Comanche Council meeting.

COMANCHE — During the regular August meeting for the City of Comanche, the council approved new councilmember Zane Austin Myers for Ward 4 effective Aug. 10, 2021.

City Manager Chuck Ralls was the one who suggested Myers to council for the Ward 4 position, which was vacated last month by outgoing councilwoman Cne’ Geraghty.

Ralls stated Myers was an employee of Pioneer in Comanche and has met the criteria of living at least six months in the ward to qualify. Calls said he is heavily involved in the community.

Comanche Mayor Smokey Dobbins made the motion with councilwoman Sharon Rounds seconding the motion. It passed with a 3-0 vote.

City Clerk Cheryl Johnson administered the oath of office to Myers who immediately took his seat to his first meeting as a Comanche councilmember.

The first action items included some changes to ordinances as part of the Comanche city code, including the building and construction code for permits.

City Manager Ralls stated the limit needed to be raised in the code and council agreed to move the limit up to a $5,000 limit before a permit is needed on normal construction projects.

Another ordinance changed included No. 569-21 in regards to the removal of solid waste. The council voted 4-0 to change the language of the ordinance.

Section 9-11 letter B was removed with the vote and Ralls said a letter will be sent out to residents with their next bill to describe the new policy.

Ralls said the new policy aims to curb city workers from getting hurt by the amount of branches being put out during regular clean up. It will not affect if a storm does massive damage to branches.

After approving the ordinance changes, Ralls turned his attention to give council a resolution that could bring filming companies to Comanche.

The resolution will assist the Oklahoma Motion Picture and Television Industry to provide locations throughout the state to entice filming companies to film in different parts of the state.

Ralls said he has had talks and interest come up for the possibility of using Comanche and wanted to get council to look at the resolution presented to help give Comanche a leg up ahead of other area cities.

The resolution will give the city manager authorization to assist the motion picture and television industry in the production of motion pictures, television programs and give them the option to temporarily suspend certain requirements of the city code and certain resolutions.

The resolution passed with a 4-0 vote and will be put into effect to put Comanche on a list of cities open to filming in their community.

Two other things saw approval in the regular city meeting as they decided to purchase a new mower for the golf course and a special work session scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Aug. 24.

The new mower, according to Ralls, needs six months to get ready because of orders already existing, but he wanted to make sure they will have a new one in by next year’s mowing season.

Council agreed to the purchase of a 72” diesel mower for $14,577.22 with 50% to come from the hunting and fishing account and the other 50% to be financed and paid over 24 months out of the land management account.

After that agreement was put in place, Ralls said a special work session was needed as he was made aware of some money that the city will receive for the American Rescue Funds.

He estimated Comanche could receive $287,000. Ralls wanted council to ultimately be the deciding factor of how that money will be spent.

Ralls did say there are some restrictions for the use of these funds and will go over more in detail during the work session so they can make the best decisions on how to use the money.

Mayor Dobbins went ahead and scheduled it after deliberation from the council before moving onto new business.

In the new business, Ralls said the sidewalk project, which has been delayed time and time again, is possibly looking for a Monday, Aug. 16 start.

There has been some times when the project was supposed to start but didn’t due to the company circumstances and Ralls hopes they start Monday.

Ralls stated if there is another delay, it might become time to consider legal action but ultimately he hopes for the best and that the project will get started on Monday.

Comanche Council will meet again for the special work session at 5:30 p.m. Aug. 24. The next regular scheduled meeting will take place at 5:30 p.m. Sept. 14 at Comanche Chambers, located at 500 North Rodeo Drive.

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