Douglass Splash Pad clean up

A Duncan man helps clean debris off the Douglass Splash Pad.

Duncan city crews found damage at Douglass Splash Pad early Friday morning. By 1 p.m. in the afternoon, more than 10 community members — ranging from kids to adults — from the Douglass area turned out to help clean up their home and re-open the facility for use by citizens.

Lake Commissioner Reavis Hammond, who arrived on scene to aid in the cleanup where the night before individuals had set off fireworks, said those who live in the area truly care about their park and the appearance of it.

“Douglass is consistently the cleanest park in Duncan,” Hammond said. “This is the first time I’ve seen it like this and last time I went (to a clean up event), we literally had to look for trash.”

The damage on the residents home turf was disheartening, but it didn’t stop them from banding together to show City of Duncan they care about their facilities. Hammond said 99 percent of the time, Douglass is the cleanest park in town.

“They care,” Hammond said. “This is their community and they really do care about this place.”

Previously, Lynda Pollock, with City of Duncan, said Douglass Splash Pad was "vandalized," which resulted in the closure of the facility until clean up occurred to avoid splash pad pipes from receiving further damage.

Pollock said the mess at the splash pad comes from an individual or individuals using the facility as their “firing pad.”

“It’s trashed, holes burned in spots,” Pollock said after receiving the call from her maintenance technician. 

There are no cameras in the area, so finding those responsible could be hard unless residents in the neighborhood saw anything happen.

Costs are unavailable at this time, though it could be on the higher end because the surface of the splash pad is a “poured in place” surface. 

If anyone has any information about what happened at Douglass Splash Pad, call the City Parks Department at 580-470-2088.