Chili for CPR

Jared Gregston, left, and Rawley Moyer put candy goodie bags, which will be given away at the Stephens County Medical Alliance Chili Cookoff. Funds raised at the cookoff will go toward certifying Stephens County seventh graders in CPR.

By Derrick Miller

Chili could help seventh-graders save lives.

Stephens County Medical Alliance is working toward getting all seventh-graders in Stephens County certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The supplies needed to follow through with the certification will be purchased with funds raised in a chili cookoff.

Amy Moyer, alliance president, said, “CPR is really important. If you were in the medical field, you would see how it saves lives.”

Moyer said the American Heart Association has done research that has found bystander CPR doubles the chances of survival, which she said is one of the main motivations in trying to get the students certified.

She said the number of older people in the county is another reason the group feels the training is important.

“The majority of Stephens County is older,” Moyer said. “But it’s not just the older people. Duncan Middle School has used it twice.”

Many other states have made CPR certification mandatory in the classroom, she said. But Oklahoma is one state that hasn’t.

The group feels confident enough about getting the seventh-graders certified that the members are challenging other Oklahoma counties to follow suit.

About 650 students will be eligible to be certified in Stephens County, Moyer said. The students will begin their certification after the funds are raised for supplies, including a mannequin and individual sets of lungs for each student.

The certification training will take place in the students’ science classes with no charge. And some of the alliance volunteers are working to become certification instructors.

Moyer said the group wanted to have all the seventh-graders in the county certified by spring. The chance to be certified has also been extended to the faculty and staff at each school.

“We’re excited about it,” she said. “They’re excited about it. The teachers are excited about it. It gives them a sense of confidence knowing that if they needed to they could help somebody.”

A chili cookoff will be held to raise funds for the effort, with tickets being sold to participate in the chili cookoff and judging. Twenty prizes will be given away during the night.

“We need people to show up so we can get the mannequins,” Moyer said.

The cookoff takes place at 5 p.m. Saturday in the Halliburton hangar at 1110 M.L. King Blvd.

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