Central High Gym mural

A mural above the divide between the basketball court and the gym lobby in the new Central High gym displays running Bronchos.

The Central High district has been notified from the State Department of Education that their grant for their math department was approved.

Brigit Minden and Melanie Gray-Snodgrass are part of the math department for the district and they learned about the approval this past Tuesday when an e-mail came in from the state department.

“I was extremely excited to learn we had been chosen to receive it,” Minden said. “I let out a little scream that scared the cheerleaders I was with at the time!”

The grant, according to Minden, covers the amount of $1901.60 to purchase 16 tables to replace regular desks in all of the middle school and high school math classes.

“The tables encourage discussion and group collaboration,” Minden said. “The tables will go in both our junior high and high school math classrooms.”

Minden said they are waiting on further instructions from the State Department on when they will receive the materials and she feels it is important that the district students will benefit from the tables.

“We feel the tables will help our students think differently about how a math classroom can look and feel,” Minden said.

Central High Superintendent Bennie Newton said he is proud his district got the grant and said it is beneficial for the district in what they teach to their students.

“I’m ecstatic that we got it and it shows great determination and desire from Mrs. Minden and Mrs. Snodgrass to pursue a grant such as that,” Newton said. “Anything that we receive here at Central High through way of grants is always appreciated and much needed.”

Newton added that the district a few years back started implementing a collaborative learning environment and encourages the teachers to use it with their staff and students.

“A few years back we started to implement more of a collaboration type of education out here,” Newton said. “That is evident by our early release days that we do six times a year. The reason we do those early release days is for teacher collaborations for two hours every afternoon on those days. Through the teacher collaboration we are trying to work it down into the classrooms to the students and so on and so forth. This grant just shows that the collaboration efforts of not only teachers, but teachers to students is working.”

Enrollment and the Back to School Benefit Dinner for Central High for the 2019-2020 school year is from 5-8 p.m. Tuesday, August 6th with the dinner being donations only and stopping at 7:30 p.m. in the school cafeteria.

First day of school for Central High School district will be Thursday, August 15.