The City of Duncan will begin its quarterly cleanup of the Duncan Municipal Cemetery and the Henderson-Harris Cemetery  on Tuesday, Feb. 14,   2017.

Residents with surface flowers, wreaths, grave blankets or any other ground surface decorations at either of the Duncan Cemeteries should remove them by Monday, Feb. 13, 2017 if they wish to keep  them.

We understand this cleanup falls on Valentine’s Day and we will be taking this into consideration  as we do this  cleanup.

The cemetery personnel will not pick up any flowers in vases or on the monuments. The Cemetery does not have a facility to store unclaimed  decorations,  so if you   wish to keep your items, please pick them up by this date. Please allow at least one week before replacing ANY items due to the excessive amount so of items on   various graves.

All decorations, flowers, statues, and benches must be placed in monument row as stated in the cemetery rules and regulations; no items are allowed to be placed in the middle, foot, bordering  or elsewhere on the gravesite. Items that are not placed  by   the rules and regulations will  be tagged  and removed.

For further information please stop by the cemetery office located at 1910 Cypress, just  inside the main gate of the Cemetery  or call  580-470-2088.