Buster looks up at The Duncan Banner staff as he was our guest for Take Out Tuesday and had a wonderful visit while trying to look for a home to chill out in.

Buster was our guest this week for Take Out Tuesday and has been a resident at the Stephens County Humane Society (SCHS) for several weeks now.

Buster is a six year old german shepherd and Australian shepherd mix.

He had a little problem going for a car ride, but once relaxed he enjoyed the ride and the ability to get some snacks for Buster’s trip away from the SCHS.

Buster had a great time walking on the leash and entered the office with no problems to greet the rest of the staff.

The ritual two cheeseburgers were given and while Buster seemed to have a hard bite at first when feeding him by hand, he quickly became more gentle.

After eating Buster decided to lay down in the newsroom for nap time.

As we got ready to go on a walking trip, Buster seemed just content on walking at a nice pace and not dragging anyone along for a ride during our trip to Stephens County Courthouse.

Greeting the deputies, Buster was friendly to anyone he met. Not shying away from any treats, both offices had an equal amount of treats for Buster then he continued his walk back to the office where he went back to his napping ways and enjoying the quiet.

Buster had some problems getting into a car, he didn’t like to jump in there by himself, but we feel like once you get him into your home you will have no problem.

Buster is an Ean’s Dog which means his adoption fee is sponsored for any family that is willing to bring him into their family at no cost.

This week’s Humane Society page is sponsored by Tractor Supply Co and Duncan Veterinary Hospital.

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