James Brooks

James Kyle Brooks

After six hours of deliberation, jurors who heard the case of James Kyle Brooks, accused of shooting his father in 2012 to collect a life insurance policy taken out in 2010, returned as a hung jury.

The hung jury announcement came on day three of the trial. If the State wishes, they will be able to try the case again, though that information is not yet available.

The death of James Kyle’s father, Timothy Brooks, happened Aug. 8, 2012, though official charges against James Kyle for murder in the first degree with deliberate intent weren’t filed until 2018.

While the State argued James Kyle shot and killed his father, the defense representing James Kyle maintained the death was a suicide, as James Kyle originally told police in 2012. The defense even argued it could have been an accident, though a history of Timothy’s mental health problems were also presented throughout the course of the trial.

A story with full details will be available tomorrow online and in the Weekend edition of The Banner. 

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