MARLOW -- With the clattering sound of an old mail truck, everyone on the block peers out of their window, excitedly awaiting a letter or package they had been expecting for what feels like ages. But this time, the post carrier is excitedly awaiting a gift of his own.

“It all started with just a simple joke that I posted on the Marlow Raw Facebook page,” said Marlow mail carrier Clay Nichols. “You know, ‘Somebody’s cooking burgers on this block, and if I find out who it is, this mailman will put in his order.’”

Nichols didn’t get his burger that day, which is exactly what he told the surprising number of people that commented on his post to ask.

“I never even dreamed I would make another post concerning it,” Nichols said. “But the next morning, I kept getting messages from people I had never even met, asking if I ever got my burger. I told them, ‘No, I haven’t, but I’m still hopeful.’”

Since that post, community members across the town have saved him a bit of grub from their breakfasts, lunches and barbecues. Whether it be a breakfast burrito or an entire plate from a backyard cookout, Nichols is always happy to take it off their hands, but his real joy comes from seeing people smile.

“Honestly, to me, it’s really just funny,” Nichols said. “I mean, I enjoy making other people laugh anyway, but to see some of these comments — and that people are having as much fun with it as they are — kind of makes me chuckle.”

Being a carrier has made it easier for Nichols to show off his warm personality. He likes to make sure everyone on his route knows who he is, and many of them know him by his first name, just the way he likes it.

He looks back on that initial post as a reminder for how to keep moving forward in life.

“It’s easy to bring a smile to someone’s face, even with a simple post and even if you don’t think it will turn out the way it does.”

The community can keep up with Nichols’ antics on Facebook on the Marlow Sound Off Raw! page, or by following the Hashtag #keepgrillingmarlow.

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