Steven Charles Ekaitis, also known as Steven Charles Hall

Steven Charles Ekaitis, also known as Steven Charles Hall

A man taken into custody for the shooting death of Odis W. Turner, Jr. is being held on a $5 million bond.

According to court documentation from the Stephens County Courthouse, Steven Charles Ekaitis, also known as Steven Charles Hall, faces charges of use of a vehicle to facilitate discharge of a firearm and possession of firearms after conviction or during probation.

The first charge, a felony, is punishable by imprisonment of two years to life and after a felony conviction is enhanced to 20 years to life.

The second count of possessing a firearm as a felon or during probation is punishable by imprisonment of one to 10 years, and after a conviction is enhanced to three years to life.

If found guilty of either charge or if charges are enhanced, Ekaitis, age 38, will have to serve at least 85 percent of his sentence before earning credits toward completion of whatever sentencing is handed down.

Police affidavits show a call came into 911 around 10:17 p.m. Monday, May 26 advising a gunshot victim down in a yard. The caller said they heard the gunshot but had no other information, according to reports, other than an address of 1835 W. Osage.

Officers and first responders went to the residence and observed a male in the yard, later identified as Turner, Jr., who had sustained a gunshot wound to the chest. They tried to resuscitate him, but he died in the front yard.

Law enforcement put up crime tape and began processing the scene, where they were informed a female and a male had been on the scene at the time of the shooting. The two were transported to the police department for interviews. Warrants were obtained for the house and a truck driven by the male taken for an interview and Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) and the Medical Examiner’s office were called to assist with the investigation.

While at the scene, 911 received another call from a person identifying himself as Ekaitis and confessing to the shooting. Ekaitis advised police he was at a home in the area of Primrose and when law enforcement responded, they found Ekaitis in the pool.

At the police station, Ekaitis, the female and the male were all interviewed about what happened.

In an interview with police, the woman advised she had been in a relationship with Turner for the last six years, but earlier that day the couple got into an argument.The woman advised she was at Ekaitis’ residence getting a tattoo and that she and Turner previously lived with Ekaitis for about two months though they had not returned to the residence together since. The woman told police Turner showed up at the residence. Before Turner arrived, the woman told police she was told by Turner he would be coming, which scared her, so she was gathering her items to leave with Turner when he arrived.

The woman further stated Ekaitis knew Turner was coming and allegedly told her to go to the back of the house, which made her feel scared, reports state. The woman said while in the back of the house, she heard yelling, knew Turner was at the door and then heard a gunshot.

She advised police when she heard the gunshot she “freaked out and did not know what had happened.” When she went to the door, she could observe a hole in the door, reports state.

The woman said she went outside and spotted a fourth person getting things out of Turner’s truck and noticed Turner was on the ground. She knew he had been shot, reports state.

Police asked about the yelling before the shot was fired and the woman confirmed she heard Turner, Ekaitis and the male brought to the station for an interview all yelling. The woman advised when she went outside, she saw a female with the fourth male who left the scene by foot before hearing three more gunshots.

The woman advised she went to Turner and that he was breathing but she didn’t have a phone to call 911. Police asked about the whereabouts of Ekaitis and the gentleman there for an interview after the shooting, but the woman stated they were gone and she was unsure where they went. She advised she returned to the home and got a 911 phone that had no service to call for help for Turner. She further advised the only way she communicated with Turner was via Facebook Messenger.

The man brought to the station for an interview advised he was staying at the residence on Osage and had been there for about three weeks. When asked what happened, he stated “a guy got shot, he tried to break in, his old lady was there and he got pissed, he opened the door and Steve shot him,” according to reports. He clarified for police the “old lady” was the woman police had interviewed.

The man further advised police Turner had come to the residence a few weeks before banging on the door but didn’t come in, though this time he entered. He further told police Turner was upset because the woman “was over with Ekaitis and … was cheating with Ekaitis,” according to an affidavit. 

Police asked what happened when Turner arrived and the man told police Ekaitis, himself and the woman were inside the residence when Turner arrived and began yelling. Reports state the lock on the door was “not done correct” and when Turner pushed the door, “Ekaitis was there and he was not sure if Ekaitis shot through the door or through the crack, ‘but boom, door.’” The man was uncertain of where the gun came from but stated he observed Ekaitis loading the gun about five minutes before Turner arrived. He identified the gun as a .22 pistol, small and silver.

The man told police after the gun was loaded, Turner showed up, began banging on the door before forcing his way inside. He also told police “Steve standing there then bang” (SIC). He advised one shot was fired before the door was closed again and Ekaitis crawled out a window of the home. 

The man went outside, observed Turner lying at his car. Police were advised Ekaitis and the woman began yelling at each other. Ekaitis ran to the back of the house, reports state, but the man told Ekaitis he had been shot and they needed to call the police. The woman agreed, reports state.

Ekaitis got in the man’s truck and tried to leave, but the man stopped him. Reports show Ekaitis pointed the pistol at the man and told him to get in the truck. They left and observed the two individuals who were near Turner’s car walking down the street.

The man told police Ekaitis drove past the pair walking, stopped the vehicle and fired three times at them. He did not hit either individual, the man told police, and they then drove to the Primrose area. The man advised Ekaitis at some point threw the gun out of the window. Ekaitis stayed at Primrose and the man took the truck back to the Osage residence, reports state.

In an interview with Ekaitis, police were advised Ekaitis’ wife and children had moved out and the man at the station had just moved into the residence on Osage. Ekaitis told police he thought Turner was a friend but found out “Turner had a paranoid schizophrenic side he had no idea of,” reports show.

Ekaitis told police several weeks prior to the event, the woman came to stay at his house and Turner arrived, allegedly holding a small bat though he later left and the woman stayed. Ekaitis told police he felt “threatened” due to the couple fighting in the house, which is what made his wife and children leave.

During the interview, Ekaitis told police “Turner came banging on his door and tried to enter … because his baby-momma was in his house.” Ekaitis told police one round went off and he told Turner to “Get the (expletive) out of here.” Ekaitis told police he tried to kick his door down so he shot him because “he is a big mother(expletive) man, he tried to come into my house.” He also told police Turner threatened him by stating, “Sleep with one eye open, your days are numbered,” via text a couple of days before the shooting, reports state.

Ekaitis told police he got the gun about three minutes after Turner started banging on the door. He found it on a shelf, reports state.

According to reports, Ekaitis told Turner “get the (expletive) out of here, bro,” but because Turner said “No, (expletive) you” Ekaitis told police, “bam, I just reacted.”

Ekaitis advised he was not scared, but when asked if he was scared of Turner he said, “Yes, because he has a ‘schizophrenic’ type of mind.”

After the shooting, Ekaitis told police he got into the man’s truck, who joined him, and they left to the house on Primrose. Police asked about the gun and Ekaitis advised he didn’t remember where he threw it out at because “that is where I (expletive) up.”

Ekaitis told police he fired at the people in the street because he thought they were going to shoot him before he went to the new location.

When asked if Turner entered the home, Ekaitis said he tried and that he moved the curtain and shot through the door. Ekaitis also told police Turner made threats like, “I kill you mother(expletive).”

The bullet hole through the door was found through plexiglass and the inside curtain. One .22 caliber shell casing was found on Osage. Detectives noted in the report there was not any “significant damage to the door or the window except the bullet hole.”

Medical examiners reported Turner suffered a single gunshot wound to the chest with no exit wound located at the time. The body has been transported for autopsy.

On May 29, the male interviewee returned to the police station to speak with an investigator. He told police he wanted to advise them where the gun had been thrown out from the vehicle, which he said was between Highway 7 Bypass on Elk before 29th Street. A search group comprised of DPD, Duncan Parks and Cemetery Department, Oklahoma Department of Transportation and the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office examined the area but didn’t find a gun, just four live .22 rounds and one syringe.

After showing police where the gun was thrown out, the man was interviewed again and advised police “they are claiming self-defense, but they planned the whole thing.” When asked who was planning the crime, the man advised the female previously interviewed and Ekaitis. He further told police the two had been looking for a gun for about a week and located one. He also told police Ekaitis and the woman began to antagonize Turner to get him to come over. He said Turner would come over and they would have domestic disputes in the yard, reports state. The man also said the female and Ekaitis wanted to try to get Turner inside the home.

Police were further advised the female interviewee and Ekaitis went to a local gun range the Friday before the shooting to purchase bullets and practice shooting the gun, according to police reports.

The man told police they again began to text Turner and antagonize him to try and get him to come over. He advised that the woman and Ekaitis knew Turner was coming about an hour before. He said Ekaitis allegedly got high on methamphetamine and began going around the house turning off all the lights. He also said Ekaitis unlatched the top lock on the door before Turner arrived. When Turner arrived and began banging on the door, Ekaitis didn’t wait for him to enter the house, “he just lost his (expletive) and shot him before Turner came inside and that was not what they had planned,” reports state.

Investigators clarified what the man meant by planned and he advised police the woman and Ekaitis sat and talked about getting him inside that way they could shoot. The man advised the original plan was for the woman to shoot because she was not a felon and could legally possess a gun. 

He said around 8:30 or 9 p.m. the night of the shooting, he was on the phone and overheard the woman and Ekaitis in the house speaking about who was going to shoot Turner while they were “doing dope.” Ekaitis allegedly stated he would shoot, though the woman thought she was supposed to and they argued over it. The man advised police the woman was going to shoot Turner and if they didn’t do it right, “Ekaitis could ‘catch a case,’” and began arguing over who was going to do what, according to an affidavit.

Police were informed they allegedly lured Turner to the home by antagonizing him through text messages. This had happened before, according to reports, and they believed the police were called but weren’t sure, just that the landlord had been called and allegedly didn’t want Turner at the home.

The landlord arrived at the station at some time during the investigation to ask if the killing happened inside the home.

Police once again revisited events with the man, who told them they heard Turner pull up because his “system” was turned up loud. He then again stated Ekaitis turned out all the lights, the woman began freaking out and started walking back and forth in the house and that Ekaitis had the door latched at the top lock. When Turner pushed on the door, according to the man, the door opened partially and that is when Ekaitis shot, according to an affidavit.

Multiple cell phones were obtained and will be processed and later documented for trial.

Charges for those allegedly involved have not been filed yet so identities are not being released at this time.

Previous charges for Ekaitis include possession of a controlled substance for sale from Riverside County, California in 2017; assault with a dangerous weapon to officer or fireman, taking a vehicle without owner consent and obstructing or resisting an executive officer, all felonies dating back to 2009 in Riverside County, California; a felon or addict in possession of a firearm, a felony from 2012 in Riverside County, California; and bringing a controlled substance into prison, a felony dating back to 2015, also in Riverside County, California.

 Ekaitis preliminary hearing conference is set for 9 a.m. July 10.