An interesting phone call received by Duncan Dispatch has resulted in a warrant for a Duncan man accused of calling in a bomb threat.

Court records reflect Rocky Wayne Mitchell is wanted for making a telephone bomb threat after two or more felony convictions.

According to affidavits, dispatch received the call around 12:52 p.m. May 27. The subject on the phone

identified himself as Mitchell and complained about a family member being removed from a local graduation.

While on a recorded phone line with dispatch, Mitchell allegedly stated he had “no problem getting a police officer killed,” reports reflect.

Police contacted Mitchell per his request via telephone. Mitchell informed law enforcement via phone he was tired of his family being asked if they were related and that he “feels he is being harassed.” Law enforcement advised Mitchell to appear at the police station to make a proper complaint, but instead, Mitchell, according to reports, claimed to have relations with “important” women around town, including wives of law enforcement personnel. Mitchell also told police he was falsely accused of crimes and was going to “throw a grenade into the Stephens County Court House” to blow it up, reports show.

Law enforcement advised via telephone Mitchell should watch what he was saying because he was making threats, but Mitchell only responded, “I’m serious, I’m not afraid of any of you,” naming certain members of law enforcement before stating “I know they are cops and serve the community and whatever but I don’t care, I’ll slap the (expletive) right out of them if I see them again.”

Before abruptly terminating the phone call, Mitchell told law enforcement he was “not afraid of the police” and law enforcement “are all crooked.”

When arrested, Mitchell will appear before a judge and a bond will be set.

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