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A woman of Cushing, Oklahoma, was arrested by law enforcement after they responded to a call regarding a bleeding female in the street hollering for help on the Fourth of July.

The woman was later identified as Ranielle Nicole Richardson, and she now faces charges related to assault and battery upon a police officer after two or more former felony convictions and possession of a controlled dangerous substance (methamphetamine).

Upon arrival, the responding officers discovered Richardson covered in blood and holding a baby in the middle of the intersection of 10th and Spruce. According to an affidavit, Richardson was allegedly belligerent, and continued to fight against the officers while screaming as another officer got the child away from her.

Medical reportedly arrived on scene, and a total of four officers worked together in an attempt to place Richardson, who had yet to be identified at that time, on the ambulance’s stretcher. According to an affidavit, once she was on the stretcher, she allegedly spat directly in the face of one of the officers before being restrained.

It was at this time that officers found her driver's license and confirmed her identity as Richardson.

She was then transported to Duncan Regional Hospital, where she was admitted. While there, reports say one of the ER nurses discovered a baggie of a white crystal substance under Richardson’s clothes. The substance was field tested and tested positive for meth.

The next morning, at about 7 a.m., police dispatch received a call with a woman on the other end asking for help but otherwise making no sense, according to reports.

Upon arrival, responding officers found Richardson in the middle of the road, shirtless and disoriented. She had apparently been discharged from the hospital earlier that morning and still appeared to be under the influence, according to an affidavit.

After a short verbal struggle, Richardson was placed under arrest for the events of the previous day. She was taken to Stephens County Jail.

Richardson has appeared before a magistrate, but no bond has been set at this time. She is to appear for a preliminary hearing at 9 a.m. Aug. 21, 2019.

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