Thomas Ryan Krech

Thomas Ryan Krech

Law enforcement released the identity of a man who has left threatening letters at residences and churches in Oklahoma, including in the Stephens County area.

The man in the video filmed in Deer Creek, Oklahoma -- where he left one of the first letters --  has now been identified as Thomas Ryan Krech, 44. Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney said one from Krech was left in the Bray area and another in Stephens County at Hilltop Church of God. 

Letters left behind included threats of "rape" by his “angels.”

Notes in other places have been found, including the one in Deer Creek and another in north Oklahoma City. The letters have reached as far as a church in Tennessee and another in McKinney, Texas.

Krech is described as a white male with brown hair and green eyes. His driver's license states he is 6′5″ and weighs 233 pounds.

McKinney is unsure if he is still in the area.

"We know he was in McKinney, Texas last night," he said. "But we just don't know. I'm really concerned about this fellow because ... obviously he's got some issues and he could escalate at anytime."

At this time there doesn't appear to be a pattern of the note leaving.

"He's hitting churches and homes," McKinney said. "I think he is randomly picking the homes but the churches we don't know for sure."

If Krech is seen, please use caution and contact the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office at 580-255-3131 or other local law enforcement immediately.


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