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Work on construction to build new restroom and shower facilities at three of the Duncan area lakes is underway and set to wrap up well before the next Summer season.

City Manager Kim Meek said City of Duncan entered into a contract with RCJ Construction on July 23 2019, for three new restroom and shower facilities at the lakes for a total price of $254,700 at Clear Creek, Humphrey and Fuqua lakes. This expense was previously figured into the 2019 CIP budget for the Lakes Department.

Because work is underway and some is already completed, Council members unanimously approved a payment to RCJ Construction for $70,000 Tuesday, Oct. 8. The first payment included all materials and work up to date. Randy Norman, Community Services Director, also provided an update on the project at this time.

Norman told council the foundations for all three had been poured already, the plumbing had been completed and septic was completed also.

“He started on Fuqua last Friday and it's half way blocked up,” Norman said. “The other two restrooms have the blocks sitting there. His agreement with RCJ is all of the bathrooms would have the blocks in place so he can go from one to the next to the next.”

Norman said that each facility includes a single shower and restroom, hot and cold running water in both men and women’s restrooms. Norman did say the shower had to be moved from the middle to the far end.

“Reason it was moved to the end … if you remember when we started to renew it, we had to move the door down to the other end,” Norman said. “Problem when they walk in the door is first thing they’re looking at is someone in the shower and that’s just not a real good situation, so we’re moving it.”

Norman expects the project to wrap up before the new year.

“The guesstimate on finalization is Dec. 1, however I think he’s going to be done a lot faster than that,” Norman said. “I can honestly tell you it looks to die for. It really looks good.”

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