COVID-19 Testing

A new form of testing in the state of Oklahoma will make its way to a local clinic as well as other sister offices.

Xpress Wellness Urgent Care, according to a release, will begin offering FDA approved rapid antigen testing for COVID-19. One of the first in Oklahoma to offer “Quidel’s Sofia Rapid Antigen test for Covid-19,” the testing will become available in all 18 of the company’s clinics throughout Oklahoma and Kansas. The rapid antigen testing now allows for patients to receive their results in 15 minutes after the nasal swab test.

Xpress Wellness Chief Medical Officer Dr. Scott Williams said the FDA gave emergency use authorization to Quidel for distribution of the rapid testing just 10 days ago and in the interim, Xpress Wellness received kits to conduct testing from their national medical supplier.

“We know that having access to quick results will help slow the spread of Covid-19 in many of our rural communities and also could ease the minds of our patients and their loved ones,” Scott said.

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