Scene of traffic stop

Investigators work a scene of a traffic stop that turned into a shooting after multiple warrants were discovered for one of the fleeing suspects.

Three Stephens County residents now face charges stemming from a Wednesday shooting that occurred as a result of a traffic stop near a business in Marlow.

Matthew Coy Melton Davis, out of Marlow, faces charges of escape from arrest or detention after two or more felony convictions and a misdemeanor resisting an officer charge as a result of Wednesday’s alleged altercation.

The other two charged in the case included Fulesha Kay Pope and Bryan Russell Odom. The pair is facing charges of harboring a fugitive from justice, according to court records.

Davis, according to earlier reports, was one of three in a vehicle that was pulled over by Chickashaw Lighthorse on July 28 when an altercation occurred resulting in an officer-involved shooting.

Davis was shot by the officer and fled the area, according to court records. Oklahoma Highway Patrol and Lighthorse Police conducted a trace on Davis’ cell phone and discovered the ping in Loco.

The officers, according to report, went the residence of Pope and Odom utilizing information from the trace of Davis’ cell phone and made contact with Pope, who allegedly told officers that she did not know Davis.

Officers, according to court records, later found Davis in the residence of Pope and Odom and Davis was allegedly attempting to hide his location by staying under a blanket.

Records showed Davis allegedly tried to resist arrest before an officer used minimal force to take Davis into custody and take him to the hospital, according to Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and McKinney both reported that Davis was treated and released into custody and brought to Stephens County Jail. He saw a judge on Friday, July 30.

According to court records, Davis had his bond set at $150,000 and will have another appearance in Stephens County Court for a preliminary hearing conference at 9 a.m. Oct. 13, 2021.

During an interview with Pope, she later allegedly admitted Davis had called Pope on the afternoon of July 28 asking for help with Davis admitting he had been shot and was still in the county.

Both Pope and Odom drove to a location in Stephens County, according to records, to pick up Davis and brought him back to their home in Loco.

Records show Pope saw an alert on her phone that referenced an officer-involved shooting and attempts to locate the third person involved.

According to the interview records, Davis admitted to Pope that he was the third person and was shot by the police officer.

In the interview, Pope stated she knew Davis was in her home when officers arrived and lied to them about knowing Davis and him being inside her home.

According to records, Odom was also in the room when Davis told Pope he was allegedly the third person being searched for.

During an interview, according to records, Odom allegedly denied knowledge of Davis having been shot or being wanted for questioning.

Both Odom and Pope were charged with felony harboring a fugitive from justice with both of their bonds set at $10,000 a piece. The pair will appear for a preliminary hearing conference at 9 a.m. Oct. 13, 2021, at the Stephens County Courthouse.

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