Pumpkins, running and teamwork brought the community together on Oct. 10 for fun and fitness.

Several teams and solo runners joined together early Saturday morning for the inaugural “Great Pumpkin Run” Relay, sponsored by Time Out Fitness.

The first men’s team to cross the finish line and complete the race was Shawn Slawson, Travis Truax Sr. and Brandon Harwell.

Slawson said the race was a lot of fun as well as a workout.

“It was fun, a lot harder than I thought it would be,” Slawson said. “Five pounds isn’t a lot, but it adds up, especially carrying it, then the exercises afterwards, that’s what got me.”

The first ladies team to complete the race was Sammy Kreiger, Angela Rouse and Lisa Berscheidt.

The ladies all agreed it was fun and harder than they thought carrying a pumpkin.

Brandon Null of Time Out Fitness said their first pumpkin run and relay was a hit.

“We had a fun group come an compete with us on Saturday and give it their all,” Null said. “This was not your traditional 5k run, we mixed it up by turning it into a pumpkin carrying relay.”

Teams and runners gathered at the beginning at West Main and 2nd Street in Marlow to compete in this first ever pumpkin relay race for $300 prize.

The runners made the course loop six times, needing to complete an exercise before passing their pumpkin onto their next team mate.

After each lap, the runners completed several squat presses, Russian twists, lunge-w-chops, pumpkin swings, lateral lunge raises and single arm presses, along with a final challenge exercise before crossing the finish line.

“All of our teams had a blast and not to mention the two teams —the fastest men's team and fastest women's team— that took home $300 in cash for winning,” Null said.

The 5K pumpkin relay and solo run, ran in honor of the first “Second on Second” family friendly festival in Marlow, where sponsors plan to hold this event annually.

Null said they look forward to hosting this event again next fall.

“We want to say thank you to all of the volunteers, runners, walkers and local businesses that showed their support,” Null said.

For more information about Time out fitness, visit www.timeoutfitness.com or www.facebook.com/timeoutfitness.

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