Beautiful Day

The Oklahoma Beef Raffle presented in accommodation with Beautiful Day Foundation began June 25 and will last through part of August.

Beautiful Day Foundation began the raffle June 25, which will last through Aug. 13, from which two winners will receive approximately a side of beef including six chuck roasts, three arm roasts, one rump roast, one pikes peak roast, three short ribs, 12 rib eyes,12 T-bones, seven sirloins, 12 round steaks and 80 pounds of ground beef.

With a suggested donation of $20 per ticket, there is no limit of how many tickets patrons can purchase.

According to their website, Beautiful Day’s original mission began with a simple statement to elementary school age kids: “The day you were born was a beautiful day. Your life and existence is worthy of being celebrated.” 

The drawing for the raffle will be held Aug. 19 and winners will be notified of their winnings no later than Aug. 20, 2020.

Winnings must be picked up in Sterling, Oklahoma between Sept. 4-10, 2020.

All proceeds will benefit Beautiful Day Foundation.

For those who purchase from a liaison outside of Duncan, their purchase will go toward the Beautiful Day fundraising budget in the community listed on the back of the ticket. Tickets bought from Duncan liaisons or board members will be put toward Kindred Community and Beautiful Day Birthday Programs.

For more information, contact a Beautiful Day board member or BD liaison, stop by the office at 807 W. Main in Duncan or call 580-560-0400.

The office opens from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For more about the Beautiful Day Foundation, visit

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