State and nation COVID-19 data set for 9.12.2020

Data released by the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) indicated Stephens County has had one additional death related to COVID-19.

According to OSDH’s statistics, Stephens County has had a total of 317 confirmed COVID-19 cases 238 recoveries and now, five deaths, leaving a total of 74 active cases in the area. Demographics of the newest death, which comes from Duncan, have not yet been released. 

Stats show Duncan has had 211 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 158 recoveries. The city also reported the additional death, bringing the total to three, which leaves 50 active cases.

Comanche has had 55 confirmed COVID-19 cases, of which one has died and 36 have recovered, leaving 18 active cases.

Marlow, however, has had 42 confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which 38 have recovered, leaving four active.

Velma has reported seven confirmed cases, of which one has died and five have recovered, leaving one active case.

Loco has had one case and is fully recovered.

The remaining active case is in the “other” category listed in OSDH’s city data set. 

On the state level, there has been a total of 68,659 confirmed COVID-19 cases, of which 58,125 have recovered and 9,635 are active. There have been 899 deaths, with the count increasing by 11 since Friday’s report. Confirmed cases increased by 1,017 or 1.5% day over day while active cases increased by 264 or 2.8% day over day and recoveries increased by 742 or 1.3% day over day.

On the national level, Johns Hopkins reported as of Friday, Sept. 11, the country has had 6,443,743 confirmed COVID-19 cases, of which 192,979 have died and 2,417,878 have recovered, leaving a total of 3,832,886 active cases.

Day over day, confirmed cases increased by 47,192 or 0.7% while recoveries increased by 14,367 or 0.6% and active cases increased by 31,612 or 0.8%.

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