The Social Security Administration (SSA) announced Friday, May 15 some groups of Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) beneficiaries may begin to receive their “stimulus checks” known as economic impact payments (EIP) in late May.

According to SSA, recipients of benefits who have their normal monthly payments taken care of by another person called a “representative payee” will begin receiving their money from the IRS later this month.

Andrew Saul, Commissioner of Social Security, said the group has worked in conjunction with the IRS to provide the information necessary to distribute the funds to Social Security and SSI beneficiaries.

“While millions of our beneficiaries have already received their EIPs from the IRS, we continue to work hard for those beneficiaries who are awaiting their payment from the IRS,” Saul said.

For more information about payments to those beneficiaries who have representative payees, visit Eligibility requirements and other information about the Stimulus funds can be found at Additional information can be found at

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