Bruce and Paula Lynn move toward retirement after many years of serving the Town of Velma.

After more than 40 years of serving the community in the Town of Velma, Bruce and Paula Lynn look to prepare the road for retirement next month.

Bruce Lynn, a former fire fighter and part of the Velma Fire Department for over 25 years, along with his wife, Paula Lynn who has worked with the fire department and EMS for 14 years, planned their retirement meet and greet for 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday, June 26 at the Navitas Utilities office in Velma, located at 309 Main Street.

“I put in 24 years with the town of Velma,” Bruce Lynn said. “I was on the Velma Fire Department for 25. Me and my wife both … we both worked for the town and we both worked for the fire department. We were volunteer fire firefighters, my wife was a volunteer EMS, so we basically helped the community.”

According to Shawn Enloe, Bruce spent many his years with the fire department as the fire chief. 

After an additional 12 years working with Navitas, the Lynn’s will retire from the gas company. 

“We basically took care of the gas system here in Velma, since 2008,” BruceLynn said. “Navitas bought the gas system from the town and so we went to work for them, we’ve been with them 12 years.”

The Lynn’s said they have enjoyed their jobs and their time wherever they were at.

“They’ve been really good to us,” Bruce Lynn said. “We’ve had some really good times with Navitas.”

Upon retiring, Bruce Lynn plans to use his talents to help others around town. 

“I do carpentry work and so I’ll be doing some little odds and ends around town, kind of a handyman,” he said.

As a final piece of advice, Bruce Lynn said to keep up with the “hard work and eventually you will get to where you can retire.”

The Lynn’s last day at Navitas Utilities will be on July 3.

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