covid risk assessment 9.11.20

According to statistics released Friday from the Oklahoma State Department of Health, seven additional counties joined the “orange risk phase” this week.

Previously, Commissioner Frye, on Aug. 13, issued a public health advisory with Gov. Kevin Stitt’s support, asking Oklahomans to participate in the following recommendations over the next four weeks to continue to drive down positive cases and help schools open safely:

• Orange and Red counties: Individuals age 11 and older wear face coverings in public settings, with exemptions including while eating at a restaurant, in a private office space, or at a religious ceremony where physical distancing can be achieved.

• Orange and Red counties: Restaurant staff wear face coverings and tables should maintain six feet of distance or more.

• Statewide: Individuals age 11 and older wear face coverings when visiting nursing homes, long-term care facilities, retirement homes, medical facilities, prisons, or other communal living facilities.

Statewide: With the “Safer in Oklahoma” policy, individuals entering the State of Oklahoma from an area with substantial community spread, will wear a face covering in all public spaces and limit participating indoor gatherings for 10-14 days in accordance with CDC guidelines.

OSDH continues to monitor closely the statewide hospitalization trends for COVID-19.

Oklahoma has had 67,642 confirmed cases so far, which increased by 942 or 1.4% day over day. Recoveries have increased to 57,383 total with 852 or 1.5% up day over day. Active cases sit at 9,371, which increased by 78 or 0.8% day over day. 

There are 13 additional deaths identified to report and only one was identified in the past 24 hours.

• One in Garfield County, one female in the 65 or older age group. 

• One in Kay County, one male in the 50 - 64 age group. 

• Four in Le Flore County, three females and one male in the 65 or older age group. 

• One in McClain County, one male in the 65 or older age group. 

• Two in Oklahoma County, two males in the 65 or older age group.   

• Three in Rogers County, three males in the 65 or older age group. 

• One in Tulsa County, one female in the 65 or older age group. 

That brings Oklahoma’s death toll to 888.

Note: There was one death removed from yesterday’s counts from Garfield County. It was determined the individual was actually a Kansas resident, and therefore, one death has been removed from total death counts.

In Stephens County, data sets show a total of 304 confirmed cases, of which four have died and 238 have recovered, leaving 62 active cases in the area.

On the national level, Johns Hopkins reported as of Thursday, there were a total 6,396,551 confirmed cases, which increased by 35,286 or 0.6% day over day. So far, there have been 191,766 deaths and 2,403,511 recoveries, leaving 3,801,274 active cases in the nation.

Nationally, deaths increased by 907 or 0.5% day over day while recoveries increased by 16,032 or 0.7% and active cases increased by 18,347 or 0.5%.

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