2020 election

A heated Primary Republican election for the Oklahoma Senate District 43 position will now head to a runoff between incumbent Paul Scott and competitor Jessica Garvin in August.

Scott took home 5,683 votes on the state level with nearly 49.9% favoring him for the selection though he couldn’t pull off the majority to earn the primary victory.

Garvin, however, garnered 4,470 votes on the state level with 39.25% of voters support.

Their final opponent, Kaity Keith, only brought in 1,235 votes at 10.84%.

Scott thanked voters for helping him “achieve a first place showing” in the primary and said it appeared he was “11 votes short of reaching 50% and winning the Republican primary out right.”

In Stephens County, however, Garvin led the race with 2,364 votes — nearly 48.68% — against Scott, who earned 2,162 votes — or 44.52% — on the county level.

Winning the home arena felt humbling for Garvin.

“Ironically, I feel like I should have been really nervous all day (election day) but I have just had a lot of peace,” Garvin said after the election results came out. “I just knew whatever the outcome was, was going to be fine. I still have a lot of peace about it and feel really, really great. Obviously winning our home county — that feels good, that feels really good … It’s just an incredible feeling to win home, to win my home, to win our home.”

Scott and Garvin will face off in a runoff in August and the winner from that race will go on to face Democratic opponent Terri Reimer.

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