A local business specializing in guns will reopen their doors Tuesday after an accident on their range closed them Sunday afternoon.

Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney confirmed the accident happened Sunday afternoon and involved a 26 year old male, who was identified as a soldier from Fort Sill.

“Him and his buddy came to the range today to shoot,” McKinney said. “He had some type of malfunction and went to his partner, his friend was shooting in the lane next to him.”

McKinney said when the male leaned over to talk to his friend, he may not have paid attention as much as is necessary when handling firearms when doing so and the “gun went off and shot into his hand.”

“He was air evac’d to Integris in Oklahoma City,” McKinney said, noting the weapon was a 9 mm semi automatic pistol.

The injury wasn’t life threatening, according to McKinney, though some reconstruction may be necessary.

According to a statement from Firearm Solutions, the accident on the range closed the facility for the day so Stephens County Sheriff’s Office could investigate.

The statement from Firearms Solutions showed the accident “appears it was strictly a negligent discharge.”

“We appreciate everyone’s prayers and concerns and especially … the speedy response of the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office and all emergency personnel,” reads the statement. “We will reopen normal hours on Tuesday.”

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