Jonathan Chavas Johnson, Christopher Deshawn Martin and Kira Leigh Snyder

Deputies with Stephens County Sheriffs Office arrested a trio after a stop for a busted tail light resulted in law enforcement allegedly finding two pounds of meth and more than a dozen grams of heroin.

According to On Demand Court Records, Jonathan Chavas Johnson, Christopher Deshawn Martin and Kira Leigh Snyder are all charged with one count of aggravated trafficking in illegal drugs after a former felony conviction and one count of trafficking in illegal drugs.

Law enforcement documentation shows the stop happened around 8:30 p.m. Nov. 1 just north of Terry Road after deputies noticed the left tail light was busted. When deputies met with the driver, they could “smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle,” according to reports. The driver, later identified as Johnson, told law enforcement he didn’t have a drivers license. Martin and Snyder were identified at this time too.

Deputies had the information run on the individuals to check for warrants, and while none of them turned up to have warrants, Johnson was allegedly driving under suspension.

Before the vehicle was impounded, law enforcement conducted an inventory of the car.

On the driver side where Johnson was sitting, deputies allegedly found “a top cover to a weighing scale that had a white powder substance on it,” according to an affidavit, which later field tested positive for methamphetamine.

In the backseat, deputies found a blanket and a basket of clothes. Law enforcement moved the blanket and found a “yellow baggie wrapped tightly with a white crystal substance inside of it” before going to the other side of the vehicle where they removed the basket and blanket and found “a second yellow baggie with a crystal like substance in it,” reports state. The substance field tested positive for methamphetamine, according to reports.

In the front passenger seat of the vehicle, law enforcement allegedly found a white baggie opened which contained several smaller, clear baggies with a “green leafy substance.” While deputies were going through the white bag, they observed a “brownish, blackish colored substance in a clear bag” which field tested positive for heroin, according to reports.

Also at the bottom of the bag, deputies noted finding a live ammo round of a 9 mm bullet.

All narcotics were turned over to the Drug Task Force. In total, law enforcement reportedly found two pounds of methamphetamine and about 13 grams of heroin.

Johnson, Martin and Snyder each sit on a $500,000 bond. All are scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing conference before a judge at 9 a.m. Jan. 8, 2020.

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