The local shelter will join in on honoring one woman’s legacy, from her acting to her love for animals in need.

The Stephens County Humane Society (SCHS) will take part in the Betty White challenge taking place on Jan. 17, in honor of White’s 100th birthday.

According to a recent posting by SCHS, when Betty White passed away on New Year's Eve, “she left behind a legacy of joy.”

SCHS continues their ongoing fundraising to raise money in White’s memory and benefiting shelter animals.

For the next two weeks, the humane society continues to take part in the challenge, accepting donations across the board from their Facebook page to their website.

The buzz around many social media sites flooded positive messages about the actress and her passions for acting and animals, according to a recent Facebook posting.

SCHS continues to encourage people to donate in to the shelter in White’s honor with $5 donation to animal rescues or shelters.

For more information about donating visit the SCHS on Facebook or at

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