Hondo, an energetic dog, seeks love and patience from whomever he meets. Hondo is available for immediate adoption from the Stephens County Humane Society. Hondo is now sponsored by Reames Cleaners.

Grab a good pair of sneakers and a leash for this active boy because this week's Take Out Tuesday guest, Hondo, will run away with your feet, as well as your heart.

This week, Hondo, a one year and seven month old pit bull terrier mix, enjoyed an active afternoon out with The Banner staff during Take Out Tuesday from the Stephens County Humane Society (SCHS).

Equipped with the the energy of a two year old toddler, this pup’s constant movement and curiosity will increase your steps taken because 10,000 steps has no match for this precious pup.

Hondo has a shiny black and merle coat with a white marking on his nose and his black and white speckled socks give him the courage to run like the wind. 

At 56 pounds, Hondo is fully grown and eager to find a home.

Hondo gets extremely excited at the sound of food or anything sounding like food. With a gentle touch and patience, Hondo will sit, wait his turn and then proceed to eat very quickly.

Hondo came to the humane society as a stray after roaming the streets, but he has a lot of love to share. 

Given his hyperactivity and extremely friendly personality, Hondo is still on the young side and needs a little patience and training, but he learns quickly and will sit for his treats.

With the extra attention, this pup’s sure to pick up and learn a few quick tips to good behavior.

When it comes to leash time, Hondo’s youthful excitement shows off, but he’s good on the leash, even when he tends to wrap himself around poles.

Whether running for fun or in a marathon, Hondo will set the pace for most dogs. He is beyond excited for friendly faces of those who will pay a lot of attention to him.

From going on runs around the town to loving on his person, Hondo is sure to soak up all of the attention he deserves.

Hondo is eager to brighten up someones day and start this new year out with an adoption and a new family home. 

This active pup would feel at home with plenty of space to play and a family for him to play and have fun with. 

With some more good news, many of our previous friends have found new homes. Our friend, River, from last week is still up for adoption and looking for a loving home.

During his afternoon out, Hondo acquired a pet partnership with Reames Cleaners, this sponsorship will waive adoption fees for his perfect match.

To inquire about Hondo or River or set up an appointment, call 580-252-7387 between the hours of noon and 4 p.m. Weekends have extended hours until 6 p.m.

For more information on the dogs for adoption, visit the Stephens County Humane Society Facebook page or website at stephenscountyshelter.com for the link to donate.

The SCHS column is sponsored by Tractor Supply Co. and Duncan Pet Resort.

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