SCHS Harriet

Harriet takes a break from chasing toys on Tuesday afternoon. She is a 10-month old Pit Bull Terrier mixed breed and available for immediate adoption.

Treats and toys motivated one playful pup during an active day out on the town.

This week, our sweet little pup, Harriet, showed off her spying ways when she spotted many treats and toys around The Banner office on Tuesday afternoon. Harriet is a 10-month old Pit Bull Terrier mixed breed who joined The Banner staff during Take Out Tuesday from the Stephens County Humane Society (SCHS). This playful pup weighs in at 56 pounds and she’s still growing.

Harriet, a playful and lovable pup who will crawl into the deepest part of your heart and stay there, loves to run and play with rope toys and balls, almost as much as she loves cheeseburgers and dog treats.

This little girl knows how to play fetch. She chased many toys up and down The Banner hallway until she carried the toy over to her water bowl, only dropping the toy to get a drink of water. Harriet proceeded to pick the toy back up and beg to play some more.

From fetch to tug-of-war, Harriet will run the length of the hallway, up and down the stairs, all the way to your heart for some love and attention.

Eventually, she decided “taking five” was a good idea and chose to stretch out on the floor for a short break.

Harriet looks to find her next best friend and future family very soon. She does well on a leash and while riding in the car.

Harriet loves everyone she meets and is great playing with teenagers.

Though excited when she sees food, Harriet is gentle and lady-like when she takes food from your hand. She dazzles with a beautiful red coat with white accents on her chest and toes, along with her sparkling, golden eyes.

Harriet came to the Humane Society after she was found roaming on her own and taken into animal control for her own safety. This sweet girl would love some special attention and lots of treats from her family.

Harriet tested negative for heart worms and has started her puppy vaccinations. She is also spayed and available for immediate adoption.

Some of the other dogs we’ve featured from previous weeks are still up for adoption including the big hearted Tank who showed off his beautiful coat and wide smile. Tank’s ready to find his forever family with room to run and play.

To inquire about Harriet, Tank or the other dogs, or to set up an appointment, call 580-252-7387 between the hours of noon and 4 p.m. Weekends have extended hours until 6 p.m.

For more information on the dogs for adoption, visit the Stephens County Humane Society Facebook page or website at for the link to donate.

The SCHS column is sponsored Tractor Supply Co. and Oklahoma Educator’s Credit Union.

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