While many dogs come and go from shelters, some pups have a difficult time finding just the right home. These sweet pups are just a little more special, as they require a little extra attention and time from their person. 

Gabby, our special guest for the second time this year from the Stephens County Humane Society, visited The Banner for Take Out Tuesday this week.

A veteran to the humane society, she’s been there since April 29 and this sweet girl, a four year old mixed breed, is patiently waiting for her perfect match. She came to The Banner the first time in late July.

For this week, here’s a 10 easy ways to make Gabby, a shelter dog, feel at home with you and your loved ones.

• Make sure your home is puppy proof — although Gabby is four, she loves to run and play around the room and will need a gate or door to keep her safe. 

• The more you remain calm, the more likely Gabby will come lay beside you and listen — especially for belly rubs, which she will roll over for at any moment of the day.

• Gabby seems to be the type of dog who desires a routine — from playing, to eating, to relaxing.

• With a little extra training, Gabby would make a perfect lifelong companion. 

• Give her attention! She wants to be the light of your world and the center of your affections.

• Show her patience. Gabby’s hyper personality will eventually slow down and her anxious self will become more calm and relaxed.

• Giving Gabby a toy or ball she can play with will give her a sense of something that’s hers, and being a shelter dog for a lengthy time, this proves to be important for this princess.

• Gabby loves food and treats. She will sit and wait for her supper and with a little patience, she will take a treat politely. 

• Since Gabby’s not a fan of cats or other dogs, she needs her own space to lay her head.

• And finally, usually the best are saved for last. Gabby’s sweet soul is sure to speak to just the right heart for many “happy ‘tales’” to come throughout her life in her future home.

Near the end of Gabby’s stay, she walked great on her leash over to R & S Drug for a special dog treat that seemed to satisfy her.

To inquire about Gabby, or any of the other dogs, or to set up an appointment, call 580-252-7387 between the hours of noon and 4 p.m. Weekends have extended hours until 6 p.m. 

In other SCHS news:

• SCHS continues to prepare for their annual Bark in the Park event, scheduled each year in October. The family and pet friendly event will take place from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Oct. 23 at Fuqua Park. The event will feature the one-mile wag walk, food trucks, pet photos, raffles, costume contests and many other games and amenities like Kitty Korner.

For more information, visit the Stephens County Humane Society Facebook page or website stephenscountyshelter.com for the link to donate.

The SCHS column is sponsored Tractor Supply Co., Oklahoma Educator’s Credit Union and R&S Drug Store.

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