Clifford is waiting for a tasty cheeseburger treat during his visit for Take Out Tuesday. He is available for immediate adoption and can’t wait to grow into a new home.

Our guests usually are young when they come visit us, but this week for Take Out Tuesday, we had a puppy in Clifford visit and he is ready to grow in more ways than one, including finding a new home life.

The barely two-month-old Clifford is considered a mixed breed and is learning about life and how to spend it with Stephens County Humane Society hoping to find a forever home.

Getting to our office proved to be a little challenge as Clifford was not very fond of car rides, but once we got him in the car he tried his best to settle in for the short ride.

Upon exiting the car, Clifford showed that he has a little bit of leash training. He walked around without pulling and loved the surrounding area for the couple of hours during the visit.

Clifford is very treat motivated and for sure is a growing boy. He ate almost anything available and seemed to know about the need to be careful as he is still learning a few things about his size and being a good puppy.

The best treats came in the form of McDonald’s burgers. Clifford enjoyed some cheeseburgers and a few french fries that might have been given to our wonderful guest.

While learning about himself and what Clifford can get away with, we think this dog will go well with any family setting as we learned from our visit at R&S.

Entering the place for treats, we were met with a mother and young son, probably about a year older than Clifford, who loved the presence of a dog in the store.

Clifford was very inquisitive as the young boy watched. The young puppy and young boy met for the first time and no barking or behavior that would suggest a caution with children showed.

With the day winding down, Clifford showed his nap tendencies but quickly continued to show off his puppy energy as our time came to a close with our wonderful guest.

For more information about Clifford or about our previous guests like Ronda, Jethro or Sherman, or any of the other dogs, or to set up an appointment, call 580-252-7387 between the hours of noon and 4 p.m. Weekends have extended hours until 6 p.m.

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