It’s time again for another entertaining performance by the Duncan Little Theatre (DLT) and this time, cast and crew really brought a special treat to the table.

Beginning Friday, Sept. 11, DLT will burst with sweetness and laughter as their dessert theatre opens with “The Secret of Charity Teach” (aka “Tide to the Wharf”). The show is set for 7:30 p.m. Sept. 11-12 and 18-19 at the Marlow Opera House.

This fun and interactive show will hold the attention of the audience while giving many opportunities to take part in the performance throughout the show. Melodramatic and comedic, this show hits the stage running, featuring unattainable love, secrets, deception and trickery.

From pirates (arrr!), to an ancient buried treasure, the cast will take you on a journey you will never forget.

With the town missing it’s long lost treasure, Franklin Dewgood (Derrick Miller), the good mayor, sets out in search of The Lost Treasure of Blackbeard (beard, beard, beard … a reference you’ll understand if you watch the play). Among many things on his mind, Dewgood needs to find a housemaid as his daughter, Darling (Rebeka Miller), is busy organizing events for noble causes. Charity Teach (Valerie Absher) arrives to begin work and becomes enamored with Dewgood’s son, Sheriff Ernest Dewgood (Garrett Nichols). Will it be love at first sight? Or will Charity’s secret she’s hiding keep her from finding true love?

Nevertheless, another man has his eyes on Charity, town councilman Simon Snarewell (H. Shep Pamlin). Snarewell sets his plan in motion to find the treasure and capture the girl, alongside foxy Femoria Fatale (Carra Spigner). Will they succeed in their villain’s plan?

Join the family on an adventure of a lifetime and see who will find love, who will find treasure, and see if secrets will be exposed?

Audience participation is highly encouraged throughout the production whether with a pirate, “Arrr!” or echoing a line. As cast members step out of the scene on occasion to address the audience, participation of the community will only add to the laughs you are already getting.

During intermission, grab bags are available for $5, where a lucky person could potentially win a gift card in their bag.

This year, desserts will be served during intermission in individual containers for the audience to enjoy.

Due to COVID-19, the show will run a little different, but the laughs remain the same.

The audience is limited to 50% capacity to ensure proper social distancing in the theatre. Purchasing tickets in advance is highly suggested.

To ensure safety, masks will be worn in the building by cast, crew and volunteers as well as by the audience. Temperatures will be checked at the door and masks will be available at the door for a donation.

Hand sanitizing stations are also placed in the room as well.

For more information and for purchasing tickets, visit, call 580-252-8331 or find The Duncan Little Theatre on Facebook.

Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for students, seniors, and military personnel. Patrons can purchase tickets online or at the door as space allows. Seating will be reserved for season ticket holders.

The Marlow Opera House is located at 100 N. 2nd Street in Marlow.

The Secret of Charity Teach cast list:

Ernest Dewgood – Garrett Nichols

Darling Dewgood – Rebeka Miller

Gabby Gotluhkee – Anthony Cox

Franklin Dewgood – Derrick Miller

Charity Teach – Valerie Absher

Simon Snarewell – H. Shep Pamplin

Cordelia Woolsey – Amie Booth

Femoria Fatale – Carra Spigner

Director: Beth Ann Hough

Producer: Cindy Mann

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