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Additional resources will make an appearance soon for those in need of a little extra help through struggling times.

On March 1, a resource center will open in Duncan through the Ambrosia Treatment Center program.

Stephanie Morcom, Outreach Coordinator for Ambrosia Treatment Center, said they will host an open house and send out invites once everything is in place.

As a safe place for families and people struggling, the center will help get resources into the hands of the community.

“The Ambrosia Treatment Center’s Resource Center will provide resources to people struggling with mental health or substance abuse, and their families, friends, co-workers, and employers,” Morcom said.

The resource center will be a branch of Ambrosia Treatment Center to serve the central location for people in Oklahoma.

"Sometimes, someone just needs to know they are not alone and be reminded that there is help available," Morcom said.

According to Morcom, this will allow the community members to learn more about services offered, as well as have the opportunity to serve as a “bridge” to connect people to other resources within the community.

According to the Ambrosia Treatment Center website, they are a judgment-free home for those suffering from substance use disorder. Their website states their “staff works closely with clients to help overcome their addiction by rapidly evaluating, motivating, treating clients within a comprehensive team of caring specialists.”

The resource center will open up at the location of 701 W. Main Street Suite #11 in Duncan.

For more information, contact Stephanie Morcom at 940-597-0955.

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