Arrows, circles and colorful pieces strengthen a team of kids striving for something bigger.

A local Pre-K set out to build a stronger community with their artwork through working together.

Kelle Jeffrey, Principal at Will Rogers said this is their third year doing collaborative art at the Pre-K.

Around 170 kids worked on and created all of the art pieces.

“We do all of our Pre-K kiddos in Will Rogers and Elk Crossing,” Jeffrey said.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) projects in school’s give these kids a chance to be expressive and creative.

“The purpose of the art is to go for our STEAM, since we include art into it,” Jeffrey said. “It just brings in monies that we can spend on manipulatives and different kinds of ideas for the kids to work on to help build that extra higher level thinking.”

One of the pieces illustrates the fact students are able to self express themselves, which leads to an understanding of being part of the “big picture” in community.

The students were excited to see their finished artwork and how they were apart of creating something bigger, together.

Jeffrey said, “they were really understanding that putting this all together created a piece.”

For the kids, creating a good piece of art together simulates how working together in a community can create a better community.

“We just kept hitting up on that,” Jeffrey said. “Like a community, we all made this together.”

Art pieces include five arrow pieces, a circle piece and a coiled paper piece.

The arrows were created by students coloring popsicle sticks and merging their colors together. Students learned about diagonals, perpendicular and horizontal lines.

In the circle piece, students had the opportunity to learn how the circle is a symbol of the sun and its limitless or boundless aspect.

The circle piece allowed students to use various objects to create circles on their canvas, like a bowl, Play-doh lid and a solo cup to stamp the circles after they had painted all the little brush strokes.

The Coiled Paper art piece is a collaborated art piece of different sizes, colors and rolls of paper.

From different perspectives the students saw a cityscape viewpoint or students would use the rolls of paper as telescopes to be a pirate or flowers were seen.

Upon completion of the project, the art pieces are displayed and ready for bidding. Proceeds from the bidding will go to the STEAM program at Will Rogers, which is accessible by all the of Duncan Pre-K, according to Jeffrey.

“We’re looking for maybe a light table or some manipulatives that can be constructed and deconstructed,” Jeffrey said.

The exhibit and bidding begins Oct. 14 and will remain up for four weeks until around Nov. 11. Patrons can call into Viridian to place a bid on the art as well. When the exhibit ends, the winning bids will receive call.

“We will call the participants that have won each piece from the Pre-K and they will pick it up there,” Jeffrey said.

Creativity is vital to students growing up and these little moments in life allow young minds to thrive and be expressive, according to Jeffrey.

“Art is such an intrinsic part of childhood,” Jeffrey said, “where they really get a chance to look at something and say they were apart of the bigger picture, but to say what I thought was just a brush stroke, turned out to be a beautiful masterpiece.”

The art exhibit is open through the next few weeks at Viridian Coffee Co. in Duncan.

Viridian Coffee Co. is located at 1460 W. Main St. They are open seven days a week from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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