Aubrey Perkins

Aubrey P. Perkins is seen in a hole as he does work for the church he recently started attending. Perkins lost his life in a domestic shooting on Monday, Nov. 18, and Pastor Bobby Boyles wanted to make sure Perkins was remembered for what he ha done for his church family.

A church pastor is speaking out about one of the victim’s who lost their life in a domestic shooting that took place before 10 a.m. Monday, Nov. 18 in the southern portion of Walmart’s parking lot.

Bobby Boyles, of Long View Church, said Aubrey Perkins joined their congregation in early September after attending a service with a family. 

The relationship of Boyles, who needed help building the church, and Perkins, who was turning his life around after spending years in prison, became mutual. Boyles said from that time on, Perkins helped anywhere he could and was actually doing construction work on the church.

“After church he and I talked and I learned that he had construction experience and needed a job,” Boyles said. “We really needed his help building the church building. From that day forward he provided 10 weeks of fabulous help in all areas of construction. Our church folk quickly adopted him and they loved him and he very quickly became family. I personally spent eight to 12 hours a day working with him for the past 10 weeks.”

Boyles said Perkins was well-versed in the construction craft and could do anything that was asked of him — plumbing, sheetrock, woodwork, concrete and HVAC were just some of those skills.

“He was a young, strong, athletic man who could lift just about anything,” Boyles said. “He was highly intelligent and I recognized immediately that he had a bright future. He was scripturally wise well beyond his years and had exceptional faith. He never missed work and he never was even late. The day he arrived, my life got much easier. We all knew he was a gift from God. Each morning for 10 weeks he had the building open and the day lined out when I arrived.”

That was until Monday morning when Perkins didn’t report for work like usual, Boyles said.

“He was nowhere to be found,” Perkins said. “He had gone to Duncan to visit and to take care of some of his personal business there had had told me Friday. He said he would see me Monday morning but did not show for the first time in 10 weeks. I immediately knew something was wrong because this young man had a tremendous sense of responsibility.”

Boyles said with the sad news from Duncan going national, he wanted to make sure he could paint an accurate picture of Perkins from when he knew him.

“What they all fail to say is that he was such a wonderful giving, serving, talented young man that will be tremendously missed by all who knew him,” Boyles said. “He is with his Savior now, out of this fallen world. Thank you Aubrey for all you did for so many.”

Perkins daughter, Jakayla Shae-Lyn Dean, has set up a Go Fund Me account for Perkins to help with his cremation. She shared her story of just being reunited with her father two weeks before the shooting.

“I was raised in the foster care system around Oklahoma so I never knew my father until a few months ago when he was released from prison and I got to meet him for the first time two weeks ago,” reads the Go Fund Me. “He was taken from me all over again but permanently.”

Jakayla has set a $1,000 goal for the cremation, which she will need to "see him before the paperwork is signed" and so she can keep his ashes.

“It’s okay if the goal isn’t reached but whatever I can get helps a lot,” the post reads.

As of 7:15 p.m. Wednesday, Jakayla had raised $650 of her $1,000 goal.

To donate to Jakayla for expenses, visit

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