Sensia team

The team at Sensia after the partnership between parent companies Schlumberger and Rockwell Automation

Cameron Machine Products is no more — well kind of, thanks to a new partnership between parent companies Schlumberger and Rockwell Automation a new company is at 700 Nix Dr.  — Sensia. 

David  Mathews, Plant Manager, explained what this meant for the Duncan location. 

“So historically Cameron has been oil field product manufacturer, what we are creating now with Sensia is a joint venture between Schlumberger which acquired Cameron in 2016 and Rockwell Automation,” he said. “So integrating the products that Cameron has historically provided for measurement for the oil and gas industry to measure flow, record data. Now with the automation and the intelligence that Rockwell provides to be able to package solutions for the enduser to be able to collaborate with the other devices and take all that information and move it to the cloud, move it to the end user where they need it.” 

This new way of putting the technology and the product together will help the location.

“With forming the joint venture with Sensia what it means for the Duncan facility in particular is the opportunity for growth,” Mathews said. “The automation in the oil and gas industry is the only sector of oil and gas that is projected to grow in the next five years and we’re going to be at the forefront of that. So this facility is expected to grow in the next five years.” 

While there weren’t any open positions yet, Mathews said he hoped that would change in the future.

The new company has been going a week and getting the community to know them is important. 

“We expect in the near future to be a little bit more visible in the community about getting the name out with Sensia and trying to explain and being active … so we can get the name out, and explain to people what we are, what we do,” Mathews said. “It’s some of the same production but kind of with a different twist with more integration with the software and technology integrated with our products.”

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