Stephens County currently has 86 active COVID-19 cases, according to Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) stats released Thursday.

The county has had 508 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases, of which five have died and 417 have recovered, leaving 86 active cases in the county.

Duncan has had 331 confirmed cases, of which three have died and 274 have recovered, leaving 54 active cases in the city. 

Comanche has had 78 confirmed cases, of which one has died and 66 have recovered, leaving 11 active cases in the city.

Marlow has had 87 confirmed cases and 68 recoveries, leaving 19 active cases in the city.

Velma has had 13 cases, of which one has died and 10 have recovered, leaving two active cases.

The remaining two active cases are in the “other” category for Stephens County, which includes more rural towns, according to the Health Department.

As of this advisory, there are 95,564 cases of COVID-19 in Oklahoma. 

There are 10 additional deaths identified to report and 1,085 total deaths in the state.

Active cases statewide increased by 124 cases or 0.9% day over day for a total of 13,190 active cases. Recoveries in the state increased by 1,078 or 1.3% day over day for a total of 81,289 recovered cases.

As of the Oct. 7 national report from Johns Hopkins, there has been 7,549,682 cases nationally, an increase of 50,341 or 0.7% day over day.

There are 211,801 deaths recorded throughout the country, which is a growth of 915 or 0.4% day over day. 

Active cases nationally increased by 1,921 or 0% day over day for a total of 4,337,986 active cases.

Recoveries also increased 47,505 or 1.6% day over day for a total of 2,999,895 recovered cases nationally.

For more information, visit coronavirus.health.ok.gov.

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