The State Health Department's weekly report indicates Stephens County decreased to 74 active COVID-19 cases, as reported on Wednesday, April 7.

This week, 10 Oklahoma counties are in the “orange" risk level, 57 are in the "yellow" risk level, including Stephens County and 10 are in the "green" risk level for the COVID-19 Risk Level System. OSDH continues to monitor closely the statewide hospitalization trends for COVID-19.

In Stephens County, OSDH reported data showing the county at 4,784 positive cases, with 99 deaths and 4,611 recoveries, leaving 74 active cases in the county.

According to OSDH, today they are adding approximately 1,300 previously unreported cases and 1,716 unreported deaths to the dashboard. As a result, cases for today will appear artificially high. Learn more: https://go.usa.gov/xHYYM.

Stats show Duncan has had 3,032 of those confirmed COVID-19 cases in the county along with 2,924 recoveries and 57 deaths, which leaves 51 active cases in the city.

Comanche has had 554 confirmed COVID-19 cases, of which 20 have died and 526 have recovered, leaving eight active cases.

Marlow has had 1,023 confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which 20 have died and 988 have recovered, leaving 15 active cases.

Loco has had 50 cases, of which 48 have recovered, leaving two active cases in the town.

Velma has reported 115 confirmed cases, of which two have died and 113 have recovered, leaving the town fully recovered.

Bray has had two total COVID-19 cases, with two recoveries, leaving the town of Bray fully recovered.

On the state level, there have been 441,906 cases (+1,764) of COVID-19 in Oklahoma, of which 423,402 have recovered and 9,952 are active.

506 is today's 7-day rolling average for the number of new cases reported, including the previous unreported cases.

306 is today's 7-day rolling average without the previous unreported cases.

7,994 is today's Provisional Death Count (CDC/NCHS).

On the national level, Johns Hopkins reported as of Tuesday, April 6, the country has had 30,847,348 confirmed COVID-19 cases, of which 556,546 have died. Day over day, confirmed cases increased by 61,958 or 0.2% while deaths increased by 933 or by 0.2% day over day.

OSDH Case investigated 1,716 additional deaths ranging from April 2020 through the end of March 2021.

Additional hospitalization data can be found in the Hospital Tiers report, published evenings Monday through Friday.

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