2-21-2021 numbers

Sunday’s report from the State Department of Health reported an additional five related COVID-19 deaths in Stephens County.

Demographics were not available from Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) as of Sunday because of the weekend, however the city data shows there were three new deaths in Comanche and two in Duncan to bring the Stephens County death total to 65.

Overall, the county has had 4,635 positive cases with the 65 deaths and 4,394 total recoveries to leave 176 active cases, which is only down by one day over day.

Comanche had a growth of two active cases as they are at 540 positive cases, 14 deaths and 513 total recoveries, which leaves 13 active cases.

Duncan is at 2,933 positive cases with 39 deaths and 2,768 total recoveries which leaves 126 active cases currently, while Marlow is at 36 active cases with 987 positive cases, 10 deaths and 941 recoveries.

Loco and Velma again are still at two active cases with Velma still having 113 positive cases, two deaths and 109 recoveries, while Loco is still at 49 positive cases, no deaths and 47 recoveries.

Bray is at zero active cases with two positive cases that have both recovered to round out the Stephens County numbers.

On the state level, there was a growth of 1,036 cases to bring that total to 419,354 while deaths in the state added an additional 26 to bring that total to 4,181 COVID-19 related deaths.

Active cases in the state are still down, but only by 244 as they are at 15,356 active cases while recoveries are nearing the 400,000 mark as they have had 1,254 recoveries added to come in at 399,817.

Johns Hopkins, in their Saturday report on the country, showed a growth of 71,510 cases to bring the country’s total to 28,077,620 while there were 1,844 new COVID-19 deaths in the country to total 497,648.

For more information, visit https://oklahoma.gov/covid19.html.     

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