Oklahoma State Department of Health stats from Monday, Sept. 14 show no new deaths have been recorded in the state and there has been no growth in Stephens County as there are still 75 active cases.

In Stephens County, there have been 320 cases, of which five have died and 240 have recovered leaving 75 active cases. 

Duncan has had 213 cases, of which three have died and 160 have recovered, leaving 50 active cases. 

Comanche has had 55 cases, of which one has died and 36 have recovered, leaving 18 active cases.

Marlow has had 42 cases with 38 recoveries, leaving four active cases in the city. 

Velma had had seven cases, of which one has died and five have recovered leaving one active case.

The remaining two active cases are in the “other” category, according to the health department.

Statewide, there have been 70,223 cases, an increase of 869 cases or 1.3% day over day and 905 deaths, although no new deaths were recorded in the last 24 hours.

Active cases increased by 422 cases or 4.3% day over day leaving a total of 10,311 active in Oklahoma. Recoveries are up statewide as there was a growth of 447 or 0.8% day over day for a total of 59,007 recovered cases.

Johns Hopkins, as of Sunday, reported there has been a total of 6,519,573 cases of COVID-19 nationally with 34,359 new cases being reported in the latest report. 

Deaths in the country were up 378 for a total of 194,071 while the active cases for the nation currently sit at 3,874,096, a growth of 17,223 cases day over day.

The recovered cases in the country is currently at 2,451,406, a growth of 16,748 recoveries day over day.

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