Karen and Casey Sorensen-Kindt

Karen and Casey Sorensen-Kindt, opened Put The Needle On The Record. They are two music lovers who found their love of tunes and helping people when they opened their doors.

Much like a prism with one beam light entering it making it break into the seven colors of the rainbow — it was one record, Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” which lead to the opening of Put The Needle On The Record for Karen and Casey Sorensen-Kindt. The couple split the duties up and Karen is the owner and Casey is the manager for the store, however, both like to get in a dig for vinyl records and other interesting items.

Located at 113 W. Main Street, the store is a mix of old school media vinyl, even some 8 Tracks tapes to DVDs and CDs.

“We both thought about doing some sort of small business for many years but I was serving in the army for 24 years, retired in 2014, finally settled here in Oklahoma about a year and a half ago,” Casey said. “And thought there was a great opportunity to take advantage of the fact there was no record store here in Duncan.”

Karen said the couple started on a different route at first but vinyl was still there.

“We kind of started doing flea markets with antiques and collectables, then we founds some records and we priced them and they sold. We thought ‘Oh if we ever see some more records we’ll get those, that was kind of neat.’” she said. “We just kept hearing ‘Oh we love records’ ‘Records are coming back in’ and then we got more and more records. All of a sudden we had like 200 in our collection and we couldn’t keep them in fast enough.”

Something the “spin doctors” find fun is that for the first time since the 1980s vinyl is set to outsell CDs as all ages seem to love the medium.

“There’s all ages we have them coming from 16 years old to 90 years old, so we have a little bit for everybody and children and teens,” Karen said. “We have new vinyl, we have previously owned and the one thing —I think — that sets us apart from other people is that we find them, then I wash them really good and listen to every single one throughly. Then Casey … grades them on the vinyl grading scale and puts a fair price on them so people know they aren’t going to get scratched up records here.”

The price tags will have any flaws they find, “Skips: Side A, song one” and if there are more than three problems they tend not to offer them for sale.

One of the reasons vinyl is back might be how different is from what people can find today.

“Vinyl itself has a distinct sound, you can have a perfect version that you can download electrically … but albums have a very distinct sound sometimes you even hear the ‘pops’ or whatever in the background and that’s what makes vinyl unique,” Casey said. “A lot of it is also the art work, each album is kind of unique on the cover and some of the things they can do within which you can’t get out of a CD or streaming it online.”

Well, you might love vinyl but how can play it? The store has players for all budgets levels.

“That’s one of the nice things, a lot of folks come in and say they can’t play their old albums, they hung on to them,” Casey said. “We’ve got lots of options so they get back into it.”

They are also willing to hunt for anything a person has been looking for according to Karen.

“If you don’t see it or you think we won’t have it, give us a chance to find it, that includes new vinyl and used vinyl because we have different sources out there that we can (access) to do our very best to find what you need in good quality,” she said.

Right now they are offering gift wrapping for purchases also.

“We’re having a Christmas Open House which will be on Small Business Saturday Nov. 30 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and with every total purchase the customer will get a little surprise,” Karen said

The store is open from noon to 6 p.m Tuesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m Saturday. Their phone number is 580-721-1411 and check out their Facebook for other deals and updates.

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