Bob’s Landmark Eatery

New owners Ryan and Amanda Mora take pride in their new adventure with Bob’s Landmark Eatery. Keeping with hometown values and community involvement, the Moras have big plans for this local eatery.

The proprietor of Bob’s Catfish and Steaks retired and handed over his family legacy to new owners on Friday, Sept. 11.

Bobby Bowden owned and operated the restaurant for over 40 years before he decided to retire.

“I started down the street, had a little room that had three booths and seven stools in it when I bought it in 1974,” Bowden said. “I built it in 1999 and I opened a new restaurant where I’m at on the corner of 81 and I’ve been there 20 years now.”

Operating in two spaces, the community had enjoyed this local restaurant for many years.

“Been down there 26 and up here 20 years, so I’ve been there 46 years, on the corner,” Bowden said.

Originally beginning with simple meals, Bowden’s family restaurant grew into much more.

“Started out with just hamburgers and french fries,” Bowden said. “Small orders. Then went to catfish, steaks, lunch meals — that’s what I’ve done for the last 20-something years there.”

Bowden’s plan for retirement includes rest and relaxation.

“Just travel and rest and relax, do what I want to,” Bowden said. “I was a young man when I started and be 75 here in January (SIC).”

New owners Amanda and Ryan Mora will keep providing customers with their favorite meals.

Living in Comanche for about nine years, Ryan and Amanda Mora plan to keep the restaurant going in the community.

“We love it — I love it. I’ve been here for four years now,” Amanda Mora said. “We hope to continue with the same great quality food and service, making it a community staple again.”

The Moras are local to Comanche and are excited to bring the restaurant back to community roots with the same great tasting food and service.

“We hope everyone will come give a shot,” she said. “We are still serving the same great catfish.”

Bob’s Catfish and Steaks, now Bob’s Landmark Eatery is open from 11 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. Tuesday - Saturday, with hopes of adding to their hours in the future.

Bob’s Landmark Eatery is located on the corner of Refinery Road and Old Highway 81 (13th Street) at 179027 N. 2820 Rd.

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