Medical marijuana


Testing for medical marijuana in Oklahoma is on the books for April 1.

According to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA), beginning April 1 in Oklahoma, “all marijuana product sold by a grower or processor will be required to be tested by an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority license laboratory.”

Regulations on mandatory testing went into effect Nov. 1, 2019, after state legislators developed mandatory testing requirements. Since the regulations went into effect, “OMMA has been creating the rules and guidelines under the guidance of Laboratory Oversight Manager Lee Rhodes.”

So far, OMMA has just under a dozen licensed laboratories in the state. With 10 on the table, OMMA states “there are many more in different stages of the licensing process.”

Fully licensed labs, according to OMMA, will not only have a license from OMMA but also have been inspected by Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics.

In Duncan, one licensed lab exists so far, which is Bud’s Testing LLC.

Right now, there are two requirements, which include dispensary customers may request a certificate of analysis from a dispensary and those documents can either be kept on paper or in an electronic format; and a processor or grower for medical marijuana must retain test results and other associated records for a minimum of two years.

A full list of licensed laboratories in the state can be found on the OMMA website at

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