Marlow Council

Marlow City Administrator Jason McPherson talks to council members who were observing social distance in their recent City Council meeting.

A recent meeting of the Marlow Municipal Authority, comprised of those who makeup the Marlow City Council resulted in the decision to keep the Marlow pool closed this summer.

City Administrator Jason McPherson recommended to keep the pool closed for a year because of needed repairs as well as the unavailability of life guards due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We cannot get lifeguards,” McPherson said. “There are no life guard classes available and we cannot get in touch with the kids.”

Instead, the other option is to take the year off and save about $25,000 in the budget to help with work on the pool.

“We got a new filter down there, we’d like to run it, make sure all the kinks are out of it,” McPherson said. “We’d like to do some concrete decking work and we’d like to do some work inside the building.”

McPherson said the Marlow community pool is typically only open for two full months and two weeks of the summer.

The board considered opening the pool in July for half the time, but without the appropriate amount of life guards and the proper means to open the pool, the council chose to keep the pool closed.

The splash pad in Redbud Park, however, will open to the public.

Administration said the splash pad’s opening day is scheduled for May 22.

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