Marlow citizen creates Marlow Martial Arts Academy

Ashley and Donnie Herrera with their children Logan and Eva after their Open-House last Saturday.

MARLOW — Turning his passion into his very own school, Donnie Herrera has established the Marlow Martial Arts Academy.

Since he was ten years old, Herrera has been actively devoted to martial arts. Herrera began his journey into martial arts with kenpo karate and moved on towards advanced kenpo, boxing, kickboxing, and training for Filipino martial arts while helping teach classes. Additionally, his wife Ashley trained with Danny Perry from Duncan when she was young. She plans on getting back into martial arts and helping Donnie with the classes.

With all of the techniques and training Donnie has gained throughout the years, he wants to bring a unique variety to the Martial Arts Academy experience.

Some ways that the Herrera’s will implement special teachings and skills is by offering classes over Filipino martial arts, traditional Japanese karate, weapons training and boxing, just to name a few.

Through these classes, the Herrera’s will be instilling strong character attributes into those he will train. He will do so is by having his students recite the Pledge of Allegiance, the academy’s creed, and reflecting on the word of the week that he will put on a board.

“I want to give them principles that they will take out of the dojo. (From) going to school, dealing with bullies, dealing with teachers, (how to) respect teachers, respect their parents, (and) how they are going to handle a stressful situation,” Herrera described.

Some of these principles and values were given to him by his former teacher, Perry Craber. Craber is a direct student of great grandmaster Angel Cabales— the man who brought the art from the Philippines.

Because of the difference Craber had in Donnie’s journey into martial arts, Donnie will be bringing Craber from Sacramento to the Martial Arts Academy for his students to gain one-of-a-kind skills from. 

In addition, the Herrera’s will be bringing in numerous teachers and styles from all over to make the Marlow Martial Arts Academy unlike any other.

To make the academy even more unique, the Herrera’s have made a birthday party room and plan on adding jiu jitsu, judo, and a kickboxing/cardio morning class.

Through all of the classes already offered and the ones that are anticipated to begin in the future, Donnie’s ultimate goal is to discipline his students and be a beacon of leadership and positivity.

“My goal is to grow this school and to give back to the community,” Herrera said. “We really want to create leaders.”

The Marlow Martial Arts will kick off lessons on February 3. The first week of lessons will be free of charge.

For more information, refer to the academy’s website:

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