Marlow cheerleaders represent at the VRBO Citrus Bowl

Cheerleaders pose in front of the Camping World Bowl Stadium prior to the pre-game performance (left to right: Kyah Blundell, Journey Bennett, Jessie Bennett, Aspen Trueblood, Danielle Gill, Valhana Woods, and Kearsten Ball). 

Welcoming in the new decade in Orlando, the Marlow High School cheerleaders made their second appearance at the VRBO Citrus Bowl Varsity cheer pre-game performance.

Just like last year, the MHS cheerleaders were invited to the Citrus Bowl for earning the overall Superior Varsity Cheer team at the summer cheer camp at the University of Oklahoma.

Along with around 750 other cheerleaders from across the nation, seven members of the MHS cheer squad learned a routine that would be performed prior to the Michigan vs. Alabama bowl match-up.

Head coach Amy Herchock reflected on the dedication and goal-setting that punched the MHS cheer squad’s ticket to another rewarding and special Citrus Bowl trip.

“It was truly an honor to accompany the cheerleaders to the Citrus Bowl for a (second) time,” Herchock said. “The opportunity it provides to the girls is two fold.  First, it allows them the chance to travel outside of Oklahoma to a peak event and explore new experiences; secondly, (it is) a great reward for hard work and effort to go and represent the community of Marlow alongside other cheer squads across the United States.”

While in the Sunshine State, the cheerleaders also stayed at Walt Disney World’s Disney All-Star Resort and visited the four different parks on Disney property.

The experience of performing in front of thousands of football fans and visiting “the happiest place on earth” is one that senior cheer captain Kearsten Ball eagerly awaited for and will cherish for years to come.

“I had never been to (Walt) Disney (World) before, so this trip opened up new opportunities for me,” Ball said. “Once the time came to perform, I remember just having a good time throughout the whole routine. It’s something I knew I’d never be able to do again, so I soaked it all in and ended everything with a smile.”

The trip to Orlando was also an opportunity for some of the cheer squad to develop a stronger bond and have motivation going into the winter sports season.

For freshman Aspen Trueblood, her time in Orlando will be remembered by the friendships she grew and made throughout the morning practices and venturing throughout the Disney parks.

“I enjoyed meeting other cheerleaders from around the world,” Trueblood said. “(Also), I got way closer to the girls that I would rarely talk to on the cheer team.” 

With more motivation and skills gained while in Florida, the MHS cheerleaders will return to Marlow with an eagerness to support the Outlaws in the upcoming basketball and wrestling events. 

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