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"The Gifted Sisters and the Golden Mirror," by Marlow author Rachel Crist

Rachel Crist said she was always creative, was active in band and drama while at Marlow High School where she graduated in 2001. However, finding the right people to foster that creativity lead her on a different kind of journey that has bloomed into her first book “The Gifted Sisters and the Golden Mirror.”

“It wasn’t until after high school that I really got into reading and falling in love with the different worlds in which I could escape reality,” she said. “Life was tough for me at times and no matter what book I had in my hands, I knew I could escape for just a bit.”

Crist is being hosted by the Garland Smith Library from 10 a.m. 1 p.m., Saturday Oct. 5 with books to purchase, a chance to talk and even some prizes with a noon drawing for “Rachel’s favorite top books” giveaway, along with other prizes.

The book was inspired by her family.

“It never crossed my mind to write a book until many years later,” she said. “Those many years later I married and gained a step daughter. She was the most creative child I had ever met. Her imagination had no boundaries. It was then a story started taking shape in my head. I decided to write it down.”

When asking her step daughter if the main character should be an only child, she said “twins” and Crist went from there.

“When I started to doubt myself, my husband and family pushed and encouraged me to continue,” she said. “My husband even took over dishes for a year and made dinner without a single complaint — he is God’s gift to me for sure.”

As an avid fan for the young adult fantasy and being a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, she “wanted magic.”

“With, ‘The Gifted Sisters and the Golden Mirror,’ I didn’t know where exactly the journey would take me,” Crist said. “I just started writing and eventually my characters were telling me what they needed to do and where they needed to go. It really is an out of body experience to go back and read this story. Often times I can’t believe I accomplished such a feat.”

As a new writer Crist reached out.

“It so happens I wrote to one of my favorite authors, Sabrina Flynn, asking for advise on publishing,” she said. “Surprisingly, she answered me and ended up mentoring me through the whole process. It can be overwhelming, but to have support can make a huge difference. I was able to self-publish through Amazon which is a great platform for indie authors, like myself.”

Crist knows it can be hard for people who might be worried about writing.

“My advice for anyone who has a story floating in their head, write it down. Even if it’s just a silly notion,” she said. “You might rewrite your idea a hundred times but that hundredth time will be worth it. It is a world you get to make without any rules except your own. Find writer support groups and get advice. It is a huge community who are the biggest supporters I know and by all means, ask me. I would love to help direct you towards your dreams.”

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