M.O.R.O.T.O. Week launches off for Outlaws

Marlow High School’s Student Council kicked off M.O.R.O.T.O. Week, a week full of fundraising for philanthropic reasons. This year’s funds will be donated to Marlow Samaritans. A reveal with the amount raised will come later this week.

For the third year, Marlow High School’s Student Council is running their annual philanthropy week, “M.O.R.O.T.O. Week”.

M.O.R.O.T.O. Week, which stands for “Marlow Outlaws Reaching Out To Others,” started in 2018. The idea was brought up by a former Student Council member and has since become a tradition for MHS.

In 2018, the MHS students and the Marlow community raised over $4,400 for the DHS Children’s Fund; then, in 2019, they nearly doubled that amount as they raised over $6,600 for Sara’s Project in Ardmore.

This year, MHS Student Council selected the Marlow Samaritans, the local food bank and clothing store for those in need, to receive all of the proceeds raised. 

MHS Student Council President Malachi Eveland, along with the other Student Council members, decided to donate towards the Marlow Samaritans to see an impact happen in their own town.

“We chose the Samaritans because it directly (affects) hundreds of people and families in our own community and allows us to actually see the impact being made,” Eveland said. “Many families in Marlow depend on the Samaritans for food, clothing, and assistance paying for utilities. The money we raise during (the) week will go towards helping fund the Samaritans food bank and clothing store.”

There are many events, fundraisers and activities for people in the Marlow area to be involved in to help raise the funds for the good cause. 

Some of the events that have already happened include a walk-a-thon, ice cream and Super Bowl mixer, and a game night for the high school students.

The next way to support M.O.R.O.T.O. Week is by going to “Rib Crib Night” on Wednesday from 4-10 p.m. If one mentions M.O.R.O.T.O Week or Marlow High School, Rib Crib will donate 10% of that person’s ticket to M.O.R.O.T.O. Week.

On Thursday, MHS Student Council will have their annual volleyball tournament. The tournament will be held at the high school dome gymnasium and will be $2 to watch. 

A reveal of how much has been raised through all of the events will happen at the end of the week.

To donate online, the Marlow High School Student Council has created a GoFundMe page that can be accessed through this link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/moroto-week-fundraiser-for-marlow-samaritans?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet.

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