After being nominated by Think Ability Inc. for the Governor’s Disability Employment Awards of Excellence, Duncan Braum’s Store got the cherry on top with two awards — the Employee Award and Business Award.

Robin Arter, Executive Director of Think Ability Inc, was the one who nominated Braum’s for their help with employee Donna Box.

“I nominated them because they’ve done so well with working with Donna to make her successful in this job match,” she said. “They’ve allowed her job coach to come in and help. Donna was having trouble remembering to not use the same gloves she used in the bathroom in the lobby — so we made some accommodations and they gave her different colored gloves so it’s easy for which ones are lobby gloves and which are bathroom.”

Hyon Pak, General Manger, said the Braum’s team worked with Box to help her.

“We just worked with her and called the people that we needed to to make sure everything was being done correctly,” she said. “We’ve all worked well together to make her successful — she’s awesome, we love her and she’s good for us.”

Box was a resident of the Southern Oklahoma Resource Center before she was discharged in 1982 and then transitioned into “sheltered employment.”

In October of 2016 Box was hired by Braum’s making this her third year.

“It’s been really successful — they work really well with her,” Arter said. “They really look after her and we are real proud of the placement.”

Joshua Frentz, District Manager for Braum’s, said as a whole the company likes to hire those with developmental disabilities when possible.

“It’s just really helping them, they have to have jobs just like everybody else,” he said. “It’s helps our store, keeping our bathrooms clean. And they often work really well with the customers. They have really good customer service and the customers love them.”

Box can retire if she wanted to but wasn’t very interested in leaving.

“I’m happy here,” she said.

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